Is what you think, what you do and what you feel about yourself. Your attitude will determine the outcome of every single action you do. Though never complain and don’t blame others. Wake up and smile, it all starts from the head. Your attitude is everything in life!
As we said in the introduction, thoughts and actions form and shape your attitude towards your visions and aims.
If you have developed the right mindset, all the other key points to being successful with what you do are going to be easier to manage.
Attitude happens to be understood as something challenging that develops throughout many years of practice. An obstacle you have to manage before you can start the real progress.
But that’s clearly not the case. It might be true that switching your mindset takes time, but if you consider attitude as a progress consisting of many SMALL changes rather than one big milestone, the entire switch seems way easier to manage.
For instance, attitude starts with how you look at yourself in the mirror, a gentle smile in the morning would be a step in the right direction. Those seemingly insignificant actions and behaviors form the big picture in the end, so don’t underestimate them.

Other than that, failing during transforming these behavior patterns is part of the process, but you should never lose track of the greater picture.
Imagine a stair, till you reach the next step, you first stay on the same one for quite a while, but you don’t pause or rest on it, even if it seems so!
In order to climb from step to step, you first have to commit mistakes and experience failure over and over again, before you internalized them and won’t repeat them again on the next step.
Most importantly- your final goal is not passing while making these mistakes, you are just getting closer to it gradually!

To climb from step to step, you first have to commit mistakes and experience failure over and over again, before you internalized them and won’t repeat them on the next step.

Particularly challenging are the situations when things don´t go as planned. These are the perfect opportunities to shape and strengthen your attitude. Keep in mind, the way you decide to react in these situations determines your growth!
Growth is the keyword here, you only get closer to your visions if you personally grow.
Don´t think that self-improvement has ever reached a final point, even as an adult you constantly NEED to grow and improve yourself. And again, don´t think of a major twist from one day to another, just try to be a better version of yourself each day.

Of course, you shouldn´t neglect the aspect of discipline and dedication towards your vision.
Without the right commitment, success is hardly possible.
Work hard for something, experience small successes throughout the process, and you will feel the insatiable thirst to grow. In the end, this thirst is what keeps you going.

These are all things you can mostly work out on your own, but what´s equally important is that you don’t let yourself impact by others opinions and beliefs. Don´t get me wrong, sometimes listening to constructive criticism and useful advice can be pretty helpful, so don´t be too stubborn when it comes to enforcing your plan. BUT- filter out the people that want to harm or stop you from progressing!
You don´t have to make them change your mind about certain things, the only one being in charge and in control of your ideas is yourself.

Nevertheless, there are a few methods and strategies that make the entire process easier to undergo, including:
Develop a monk-like discipline of thinking positive

  • you always have a choice
  • you are what you think, feel and speak about yourself

Act on purpose

  • aimless activity is a waste of time

Find the good in adversity
Surround yourself with people with the same positive attitude