Why personal training

My experience shows that the only way to achieve your goal fast is the personal training. It’s only you who are in the spotlight. The combination of sport, food and regeneration helps your training to be diverse, intense and motivating.

If you’ve set the goal and would like to achieve it directly and without any detours, then let’s start together. I’m glad to offer you a free test hour of training.

Individual and tailor-made personal training

Welcome to ACADIAC personal training. My name is Chris Eiling. I am a graduated sports scientist and I work full-time as a personal trainer. During the past nine years, I could help dozens of people to reach their goals and integrate sports in their daily life.

My focus is not to persuade you living in absolute abstinence, or that you should lift the heaviest weights possible. Instead, I would like to offer you personal and tailor-made fitness programs to show you that your training can be integrated into your daily life and reaching your goals.